20 years ago the problem of choosing server has arisen when constructing a network on 20-25 working places. To be exact, the problem has arisen because of limited choice – companies should buy or expensive server for working with specialized applications, or buy big RISC working station of corporate level managed by UNIX-type systems.


In last 10 years many things have changed not only in networks but also in infrastructure of server systems. The demand, as we know, creates proposal, and now every producer of server equipment offers small server solutions based on Ultra Micro Tower BareBone systems as well as big cluster and distributed MainFrame systems.


Unified solutions
Server system ends to be just personal computer, complete with ECC (Error Checking and Correcting code) memory, which allows correcting of 4bytes mistakes, with RAID controller and disk massive. Now, with rising of quality of services, unification of services and applications, server infrastructure – is specially developed complex providing the highest level of fail-safety feature and effectiveness.


Besides the functional requirements to modern servers, there are additional requirements on expendability, computing and hardware redundancy and managing of server infrastructure. Requirements to modern systems rise dynamically, demanding more informational support. Companies want to expand capacity of servers to save investments.


Server solutions should have the capability to expand the volume of memory, network interfaces, processes, ventilation units, the ability to install additional disk capacity for raising effectiveness and fail-safety feature of server infrastructure using initial investments.


This factor is dominant when choosing any type of server or network infrastructure of company. One of the main components of reliability is fail-safety feature that means using specialized program or apparatus means allowing return the system to a workable state with minimal time spent in emergency situations, or in most cases to prevent emergency situations using mechanisms of proactive monitoring and forestall replace of potentially failed component.


Modern server systems and networks usually use several servers, when some of them are in remote branches of company. In this case very important are the ease of installation and configuration of servers, monitoring of them and ability to remove quickly appearing fails. To provide manageability servers are completing with apparatus as well as program means. Apparatus means are sensors of temperature control of sub-systems and whole system, the speed of rotation of fans, supply voltage of server and others. Automated program complexes of server managing should track down the fails and quickly inform administrator

Service maintenance

The important component for preventing fails is ability of remote managing and monitoring of all server systems and all server infrastructures at whole, which allow diagnose critical units of calculating system. Service on maintaining and forestall replace of failed or potentially failed element of server infrastructure is critically important component of server solution that allows maintain infrastructure of customer and provide fail safety.


Such qualities have solutions for server infrastructure of Cisco Systems, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell offered by our company.

easy service
Modern server infrastructure is one of main advantages of modern business in raise of effectiveness of business processes and security of external risks.

Solutions for servers and storage infrastructure

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