IT-audit – what is it? IT-audit is the most important part of company IT infrastructure and services management.

Today IT-audit is the complex of measures aimed to research and to estimate the actual state of anу company IT infrastructure with minimal risks and costs for achieving the goals of the company.It is the comprehensive estimation of the status, opportunities and shortcomings of the existing information infrastructure.The complex upgrading of existing infrastructure or partial changes in the used systems can be made only in conditions of full data on the current state of the system.

The IT-audit allows to estimate the relevance of the current IT infrastructure and meeting of system to all business requirements as well as to apprize the financial and human costs necessary for changing or upgrading of the system. At the result the audit gives the opportunity to estimate the system according to:

  • costs of ownership and efficiency of used solutions
  • informational security
  • meeting to the current business processes and requirements
  • allows to estimate risks
  • allows to predict and manage the impact of the informational infrastructure on the internal business processes of the company
  • allows to solve the problems of ensuring and functioning of the current and future business objectives correctly