Network Designing

The coherence of all essential services, providing the functioning of buildings and business units depends directly on the quality of the development and implementation of engineering infrastructure of building. Today, it is a set of complex life support systems of objects and their infrastructure.

The information age makes certain demands. Today we can not imagine any commercial building without “power socket”, access to Internet, ventilation systems, video surveillance, monitoring and access control systems (ACS), Wi-Fi information infrastructure and so on. Today information and engineering systems closely penetrated into our daily lives, it is impossible to imagine work of any complex.

The management of construction projects should be carried out by professionals, having necessary knowledge and sufficient practical experience. The organization and management of building process can not be provided by unqualified employees. Only high qualified professionals are able to minimize risks, to prevent failures of deadlines and appearance of costs overrun and to coordinate activity of all departments, etc.

Each individual engineering system is a complex of measures aimed to optimize the using of time according to given material and financial resources at all phases of the construction of any object, no meter is it the design of a new object, or optimization of the existing infrastructure.