Today it is difficult to imagine the average company without its own server infrastructure, even small companies think about own server, which would allow to hang over the work of CRM/ERP-system, corporate e-mail, company web-site, business applications, data backup and other services.

The importance of the information today is very high, do not trust your applications to desktop computers that are not designed for such kind of problems.

The server infrastructure is the core of the entire infrastructure of the enterprise, it is the most intelligent and important part of any business. All network services of business, including e-mail, information and analysis systems of the enterprise CRM, file storages, monitoring and management systems are based on physical or virtualized server resources. That server hardware system is critical for any company. The success of any company demands on the reliability of the server subsystem.

Active Solutions professionals have extensive experience in the server engineering, configuration, installation, fault-tolerant solutions, migrating of an existing server infrastructure onto virtualized solutions VmWare and Hiper-V throughout Ukraine.