Secure Networking

Information is that movable force, without the exchange of which the development of modern World is not possible nowadays. Today information is a resource for companies, scientific researches, decision making and so on. This is an instrument of communication and informational exchange as a key to success on the highest government level as well as in our everyday life. It was important hundreds of years ago, but has become relevant in past 20 years with the appearance of new modern means of communication and information exchange.


Not long ago the most common scenario of the information or resources exchange was the task of the scientific and research institution, where the informational calculations and exchange were made. The computing complex was located in the isolated premise and the access to computers and operating procedures were strictly regulated.

secured data
With the appearance of personal computers the situation began to change rapidly. The computing complexes began to enter into the business and scientific fields. Such decentralization has created isolated data groups that have complicated the information exchange. Due to the development of networks such “groups” were united. And the problem arises because the distribution and separation of information is the antipode of security and safety of confidential information.


The situation gets worse when the expansion and the opportunities of Internet have made this structure active and integral instrument of the modern business. It is not necessary to provide the computer security in the ideal world, where nobody tries to hack the system and get the access to the confidential commercial or private information. There are no unfair employees or competitors trying to steal commercial secrets of your firm or ones who create destroyable viruses. But, real world is not ideal…


The problem of security is endless. Science the development of electronic document flow and electronic business companies began to connect their private networks with the Internet and the problem of providing of data security became the common concept of the informational security.

Threat defense
There are fundamental concepts and aspects of informational security:
  • Vulnerability – is the exposure of the system to the attacks, unauthorized access, disclosure and the loss of confidential information.
  • Threat – is the action or instrument that can use the brittleness to damage data or systems.
  • Attack – is the exposure of the system to the attacks, unauthorized access, disclosure and the loss of confidential information.
  • Countermeasures – measures got to protect the system from attacks that threat the brittle places of system.
The examples of countermeasures in the field of informational secure are such instruments as finding out and neutralizing of viruses, identity of the user and encryption of data. Such measures make impossible to intercept or change original data.
data integrity

Integrity of data

is the accuracy and completeness of data, stored on NAS or transferred by data network. The main problem of the preservation of data integrity is to insure its transfer from sender to receiver without unauthorized changes.

Confidentiality of data

complex of measures, directed on the assurance that the access to the data could be available only for those participants of information exchange who should have the access to that information. The encryption of data as well as another complex measures are often used to secure the confidentiality of data.
confidentially of data
access management

Access management

Management of access is one of the main concepts of the information security providing, it consists of allowing or closing to user the access on the network services, files or data on the storage system.
85% of all information exchange is providing by the Internet. The most of informational flows today are concentrated in Internet, it is necessary to understand that most of treats of steal or discredit of information arise exactly from Internet.
Solutions proposed by Active Solutions Company are oriented on strategic systematic approach of providing of information security, maintaining the continuity of work of servers and preventing from external and internal threats.
To provide network security we can offer following measures:
  • Systems of preventing data leak DLP (Data Leak Prevention)
  • Systems of context filtration of Web traffic
  • Systems of context of E-mail traffic
  • Systems of preventing of DDoS-attacks
  • Control and management of access of mobile devices on the network (BYOD)
  • Systems of preventing of penetration of DPI (Deep packet inspection)
  • Security of virtual infrastructure
  • Systems of secure encrypt access
  • Systems of access controlling
  • Video surveillance systems

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