Data storage systems

Every day we operate with large volumes of information that has personal, commercial or government value. Any company operates with information that is the most important part of everyday work, in 90% of cases it is essentially important data for company activity. Certainly fail-safety and success of any company depends on how its data is safely stored, their security from unauthorized access or loss of information. Company of any size should store its own informational bases and successful storage depends on the storage systems. The existence of personal computers and extension of their opportunities have an impact on computing models and on architecture of information computing systems. This impact is in the rapid development of network technology and the wide application of the architecture of client-server computing. This model has led to the spread of the server based storage model of enterprise and general data.

The growing number of applications that use intensive large amounts of data requires more and more new gigabytes of memory. Storage, high-speed reading, online transaction processing and multimedia applications make almost every year to increase disk capacity to ensure reliable storage.

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Data storage systems

It is a software and hardware system responsible for the secure storage and data management. The main task of such systems is to provide uncompromising storage excluding the loss of data while maintaining maximum availability and speed of access. The fail-safety of net storage as well as of any different systems is provided by the redundancy of system components. The redundancy is the only one technique of data storage as well as the safety functionality of the whole system, it provides the potential for extension of volume of stored data.

Reliable systems are characterized by several levels of reservation, among which are hardware and software redundancy of subsystems. More detailed one can talk about the fail-safety of data storage systems taking into account the components of modern storage system.
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The components of system of network disk storage system

Disk subsystem is an array of classic disks of high efficiency (HDD) or flash drives (SSD) combined into groups. Controllers of disk subsystem – is the brain of data storage system, it has own individual operating system, a computing processor (s), input-output subsystem and disk management (disk subsystem). That controller is the interface for managing the entire process of writing / reading, space allocation, breakdown and control of disk space.
The power subsystem provides power to the system and is responsible for the redundancy.

A complete redundancy of network storage

On hardware level looks like system with two or more controllers of hard discs, each of them is able to fulfill functions of the main one if another is not working. Two or more the power supply ensure fail-safety and reliability of the power supply subsystem chassis. The disk subsystem, divided into groups disks form disk array with redundant data and redundant disks, including at the hardware level, so-called spare disks which are designed to take the load of the failed disk.
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Data storage concepts

Storage Area Networks (SAN) are used for realization of the data storage concepts. Storage Area Networks are made on the bases of FiberChannel technologies with the block access or Network Area Storage (NAS) – IP solutions, in which can be used a number of protocols that are widely used for access (iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FTP) so-called convergent system, allowing the ensuring of many protocols of access.

Entry-level storage systems

It is fail-safety system with one or two controllers of hard disks, the redundancy of data is ensuring on the level of groups of disks of disk subsystem, the redundancy of network infrastructure ensures the fail-safety. The redundant blocks of power supply of system prevent failure of the reasons of power loss.
Data Center
Data Center storage solutions

Enterprise-class storage systems and solutions for data processing centers

Are the set of fail-safety and redundant systems with the distributed infrastructure and mechanisms of synchronous replication for ensuring the maximum level of reliability and availability of company data.

Systems of data storage are module systems available for easy scaling. Buying initially not .large ystem with the potential for expending of efficiency the customer can easy raise the performance of the storage system and the volume of disk space by connecting additional disk storage chassis or replacing of classical HDD to more productive SSD drives that can significantly increase system performance.

Modern network storages and redundancy schemes

are the integral part of infrastructure while constructing the centers of data processing, they allow to realize the solutions with territorially distributed storage systems with the synchronous replication (synchronization of stored data) at longdistances, up to 260kilometers.

The company’s portfolio proposes solutions enabling fully implement the distributed storage system.

System data are optimized for virtualized server systems running VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V solutions.

We have great experience in the integration of data storage solutions and are ready to integrate into your storage infrastructure and migrate existing server storage to network storage system with reference to the virtualization of the hardware platform.

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