Structured Cabling Networks

Modern buildings, offices, industrial complexes or even private houses are full of a variety of structured cabling subsystems and information networks.

Cabling systems are the basis on which are build all the major components of information and computer systems. Sophisticated organization of cabling system is one of the key objectives of the development of systems and determines the reliability of the operation of all systems in general. Today it is impossible to imagine a building without a structured cabling system as the basis of its life-support systems. Our specialists perform a complete cycle of network design, from conceptual to detailed design, as well as the installation of:

  • electric networks
  • low voltage networks (computer, telephone, television)
  • fire and burglar alarm
  • networks of video surveillance, control and management of access
network server room
The range of our services covers all phases of the project, from identifying of customer requirements and design to the installation and maintenance. The high quality of work performance and service is provided by highly qualified employees of Active Solutions, who have appropriate certificates and experience of design and installation works.

The company’s specialists Active Solutions, have all the necessary certificates and permits for installation works of cable systems of any complexity.



More detailed information on development or integration of networks you can get on e-mail: or by phone in Kiev(Ukraine) +38 044 232 11 66