Uninterruptible Power Systems

We offers complete solutions for reliable and high quality power supply. We use the uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine the company’s infrastructure without a guaranteed supply. Every business owner is trying to protect itself and employees from downtime or loss of unsaved data in case of power problems in the external network.
There are several options of UPS systems for today:
  • on-line UPS are ideal for use in unstable electric systems. On-line UPS are effective using double conversion technology, making the transitionon battery and back without breaking a sine wave.On-line UPS are useful for critical equipment, such as server rooms, data storage systems, high-precision equipment, communication equipment, various medical equipment
  • line-interactive UPS are almost the same as the off-line UPS, but have built voltage regulator that allows smoothing of surges, stabilizing them to 220V;
  • off-line UPS are the most simple in design, easy and not expensive types of uninterruptible power systems, they allow user to keep work and safely shut down computer. These types of UPS are the most efficient for personal use or for the protection of non-critical equipment;
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Uninterruptible power systems

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