Wireless Solutions

Today, in a rapidly evolving world of technologies, a special place is occupied by all sorts of wireless technologies such as WI-FI, Wireless LAN. Now users can choose the convenience, or rather the absence of any cables leading to the device with which they work. This is where the wireless technologies are used.

The WI-FI technology is not so new, every year its data rate is growing, as well as the safety of users of network. The wireless technology allows expanding of the networks in virtually all, hard to reach places.

Main advantages of the WI-FI technology is:

  • Ease of installation
  • The absence of any cables
  • Mobility
  • High availability
As for networks security, we can say that encryption in wireless networks has increased significantly. To intercept the information that is transmitted over your wireless network is impossible (when network settings and access points are configured properly). Our company has extensive experience of working with wireless technologies and can design networks of any complexity.

Where today you can use Wi-Fi? The answer to this question is simple as never before – almost anywhere, to be exact:

  • in all offices, as a replacement for cables, which in fact are not relevant;
  • in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and pubs, etc;
  • Wi-Fi hot spots (widely used in hotels and airports)
  • Wi-Fi bridges (used to connect two distant offices)
  • video surveillance with the data transmission over the wireless networks

Wireless solutions

Having many years experience in network development and implementing our specialists can offer you the best solution. More detailed information on development or integration of networks you can get on e-mail: info@active-solutions.com.ua or by phone in Kiev(Ukraine) +38 044 232 11 66