IT Consulting

Information technologies have became an integral part of any business, moreover one of the most expensive. The IT component became more and more technological every day. Today it is a high-tech equipment, distributing networks, data processing and storage, backup systems, wireless networks, video conference systems and systems for collaborative work. Modern networks servicing requires highly skilled staff with appropriate salary and regular training. For today the owners of any business face with the problems of optimization and reduction of costs on non-core business tasks. The outsourcing of services on maintenance and support of IT- infrastructure aimed to solve the problems of IT costs of your company. If you look at the list of expenses for the maintenance of own IT-department, you can easy estimate the advantages of using an outside company to meet IT challenges:

  • salary budget of IT-departmentand the relatedtax deductions
  • regular expenses on staff special education
  • health insurance
  • business-trip expenses
  • office space and workplace of employee, who indirectly affects on the success of a business

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IT outsoursing

IT Outsoursing Services

Service maintenance

We work with the leading global brands. Our company, having the experience and the appropriate level of knowledge, is able to provide an adequate quality of services. We can also offer customization and support of such equipment Cisco, Linksys, Hewlet Packard, Brocade, IBM, Dell, Fortinet, Hitachi, NetApp and many others.

More detailed information on development or integration of solutions you can get by e-mail: or by phone in Kiev(Ukraine) +38 044 232 11 66