The Active Solutions Company has completed the project of migration of server infrastructure of ULF Leasing Company (Ukrainian Leasing Fund) on joint solution of Cisco & Netapp companies.

For years of its development company’s IT-infrastructure has expanded and grew by scaling base server systems. The new services and implementation of new program solutions have needed more large computing power. The stable development of business entailed rapid growth of corporate data, which had to be securely stored and protected. If the problem of computing power could be solved by the increasing of the number of servers, so the problem of data storage had required cardinally new approach.

Company’s benefit

As a result company reduced its costs for IT-infrastructure support on 30 %. The reliability and resiliency of all services have increased significantly. The speed of application processing has increased and the IT-system administrators charge has reduced thanks to the new, unified infrastructure. Built-in backup tools can reliably protect, quickly recover the data stored on NetApp systems. FlexPod Solution led to unrivaled ease and flexibility in managing data, scaling systems and the introduction of new services.Detailed information on this project you can get from press releases of Netapp Success Story ( Russian )

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