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Last 15 years the convergence of telephone and computer network called IP-telephony is developing actively. During last years we see the unique process of integration of physical and logically uncompatible networks of data transferring and voice transferring into the one global universal network basing on IP protocol. Modern networks based on the computer technologies have absorb gradually alternative technologies of data transferring.


The processing of data in networks which used IP-telephony allows reaching the flexibility and universality, ease of which you could evaluate working with Web. In case of telephone connection it means the appearing of new great opportunities for voice communications as well as for information environment at all. In modern conditions user has not only traditional access to network but also has access to global or corporate network wherever he is. Using IP as the medium of transferring of voice data makes network independent from distances, been in office or at home, in business trip or having a rest you always can get the access to your telephone service. It not only allows cutting costs on calls, cable and net infrastructure, but also using the services of corporate network from any place of World.


The modern corporate systems of telephony moved beyond the simple use of IP-telephony for transferring just the voice traffic, they allow to use flexible existing company infrastructure to get new opportunities and commercial advantages providing:

Unified solutions
All in one
Video Conferencing
  • Integration with third-party systems such as skype, softphone, web-applications
  • Integration with services of corporate catalogues, 1C, CRM, billing systems, providing of web and video conferencing, mediums of cooperate work with documents
  • Cutting costs on International, national and mobile connection in territorially distributed infrastructures and regional branches by development of modern corporate environment of communication
  • Mobility
  • Association with internal informational systems 1C, CRM/ERP
  • Recording of telephone calls and quality control of client service of Cal-centers
  • Easy scaling of telephone infrastructure with the only center of call management and distributed telephone network of company
  • Combining of different existing systems of analog or mobile corporate connection and technologies of data transferring in one whole telephone network
There are some approaches to the development of telephone network in accordance with goals and size of company.


The first approach uses the local network of office or building on the base of existing Ethernet technology with installing of programs clients of IP-telephony and server which processes IP-telephone calls. Rather easy and cheap installing of such telephone network provides good background for development. Initially determined levels of scaling and development allow cutting costs on following setting, maintaining and scaling of network.


The second approach uses distributed network on the base of server platforms which are regional or distributed calls processors that provide commutation of voice traffic between offices, creating the tree of IP ATC, providing distribution of load and solution fail safety.

The systems of IP-telephony for big, corporate and territorially distributed organizations give many advantages:
  • easy and fast access to network services from any place of World providing the security of access
  • raise the availability of employees using mediums of the only corporate catalogue and number plan for telephone network
  • processing of video conferencing
  • integration with the internal informational systems CRM
  • recording of telephone calls and quality control of calls processing in contact-centers
  • provides easy and comfort access of employees to the telephone network within the corporate infrastructure Unified Presence and so on
  • integration of mobile devices into the corporate network
  • ability to use programs of clients supporting standard protocols of cooperation with telephone network (SIR, H. 323)
The number of companies offering solutions on IP-telephony rises every day. The first ones, who later became leaders in this field, are network companies, specializing on producing of equipment for local and global networks, equipment for network infrastructure. Such companies were able not only to adopt their complexes but also provide close integration of network infrastructure with services of telephone network. It allows unify the equipment of network as well as cut costs on the implementation of IP-telephony in telephone infrastructure.

Offering our solutions we realy on technological leadership and economical effectiveness of such solutions. Among technological leaders are Cisco System, Alcatel-Lucent and some others.

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