The new line of NetApp EF-Series Flash Array storage systems

NetApp Company has updated its line of Flash (SSD) storage systems, releasing NetApp EF550 and NetApp EF560 series, targeted at applications demanding to delays at the level of fractions of milliseconds and able to scale quickly and easily the system storage up to 192Tb.
The functional purpose of the NetApp EF-Series line:
  • growing up business processes by reducing the level of delay to a level of fractions of milliseconds;
  • ensuring the maximum reliability and eliminate downtime due to instantaneous copies of technology of NetApp Snapshot ™, remote replication capabilities and other security features;
  • improving of operational performance, which is equivalent to the work of 1000 traditional drives in the conventional storage systems;
  • efficient use of the server infrastructure space by optimizing the space occupied 2U form factor, which requires much less power and cooling resources, as well as space in the server infrastructure;
  • maximum efficient definition and elimination of potential problems due to the enhanced system of monitoring and proactive troubleshooting;
  • elimination of excessive allocation of resources and improving the efficiency of IT;
  • functions of replication storage EF550/560 or NetApp E-Series;
  • SANtricity® Software for corporate software platform;
  • support of capacity 500,000 IOPS (for NetApp EF550) and 650,000 IOPS (for NetApp EF560)

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